Posted Jan 13

AI Trainer

Remote Full time

The AI Trainer
The AI Trainer turns data into understanding. They identify and prioritize intents for automation. It is the more technical counterpart of the conversation designer. This person works with conversational AI technologies, analytics platforms, and tools that will help improve the understanding of the AI Assistant . 

You’ll receive training when starting this position. Expect a steep learning curve. 

The AI Trainer’s tasks 

  • Ensures the bot understands (the majority) of customers with which it chats 
  • Identifies new intents by weighing business needs and customer needs 
  • Trains new and existing intents by continuously updating the collection of training phrases 
  • Manages lexicons and context to understand customers more precisely 
  • Tests the performance of intents before go-live 
  • Ensures AI Assistant maintains several types of fallbacks for those customers it cannot (fully) understand 

You further:

  • Manage and improve agent handover functionality  
  • Manage and improve intent disambiguation functionality 
  • Manage and improve umbrella dialogues  

And you help the conversation design team:

  • By making sense of performance data/dashboards 
  • By spotting possible improvements to dialogues and to matching from performance data 
  • By implementing conversations 

What AI trainers are not 
  • Engineers 
  • Software developers 
  • Data scientists 
  • Dialogue designers 
  • UX designers 
  • Business representatives 

But it helps to be experienced or curious about these fields, as all relate to the work of an AI trainer. The AI trainer is the bridge between the accuracy of hard data and the soft science of conversation design and customer happiness. 

Your background 
AI trainers can come from different backgrounds. If you have shown tenacity in figuring out complex computer systems and/or enjoy combing through data reports then you could be a good fit. Common previous roles for AI trainers are: 

  • Content management 
  • Business data analysis 
  • Customer service  
  • Online copywriting 
  • IT service 
  • Web engineer (junior level) 

Your qualifications 

  • Teamplayer  
  • Able to bring structure to complex workflows and datasets 
  • Able to learn new tools quickly 
  • Experience with data-driven improvements 
  • Proficient in English and native language(s) of your market 
  • Experience with chatbots/conversational AI is a plus

About Conversation Design Institute
Conversation Design Institute was founded in 2018. We They believe that recognizing, developing, and promoting the role of the conversation designer is crucial to advancing trust and communication between humans and AI Assistants.

Conversation Design Institute trains and certifies the people that make AI Assistants more helpful, human-centric, and successful. Conversation Design Institute believes that AI Assistants...

  • are human-centric and natural
  • are consistent in tone and personality
  • are inclusive in communication and understanding
  • are living algorithms that need parents too
  • interface with humans via chatbots, voice assistants, and virtual beings
  • are the future of interacting with organizations

And lastly: Every bad AI Assistant has a good AI Assistant trying to get out.

Our culture
We are inclusive lifelong learners, always excited to share and connect. We are humble servants to our greater mission of advancing communication between people and AI by educating a future workforce of 5 million people. We care about scale, our time is scarce, and strive for efficiency to increase our impact on our community, the conversational AI industry, and human society at large. If you feel at home when you read this, you probably fit our culture.

Conversation Design Institute