We believe that conversational AI is the future, and conversation designers play an essential role in its success. We've made it our mission to spread the word, grow the community, educate and empower the next generation, and get more conversation designers hired.

Conversation Designer Jobs was created by industry recognized experts with a shared passion for conversational AI, design and automation. Hillary Black, conversation designer and creator of Conversation Designers Internet Club, and Matthew Black, tech entrepreneur and host of the Manual Work is a Bug podcast.

We’ve spent years building a highly targeted audience of conversation designers and creating resources and products for the community, just like this one.

Benefits of listing your job at Conversation Designer Jobs

Our community - We have a network of over 2500 talented conversation designers all over the world that will see your listings. Plus, our reach extends over 15,000 across various social media platforms to new and experienced designers, and even further with our industry partnerships.

You won’t find a larger, more engaged audience of conversation designers anywhere else in the world.

Our expertise - As conversation designers ourselves, we understand the skills needed to succeed on the job. We will continue to build these options into our listings so you can find the perfect candidate for your company.

We also lend a hand in educating aspiring conversation designers through our resources, events and online course, so fresh talent is always on the rise.