Posted Jan 12

Conversational Designer

Remote (Canada) Full time

As Conversation Designer and reporting to the Head of Product, you will be responsible for designing the user experience of Botpress virtual assistants/chatbots (both for our customers and our customer-facing templates). You will ensure that the virtual assistants are conversationally engaging, impactful for the end-user, and matches the voice of the brand. You will translate the brand’s business requirements into natural dialogue flows backed up by good design practices. In more detail, you will be responsible for the design and implementation of creative and unique AI-powered conversation flows for Botpress customers, as well as our customer-facing templates and also develop, articulate, and promote best practices in the field of conversational design.

What You'll Be Doing

  • Engage with clients to understand their business use cases, their customer personas, and intents for the chatbot solution; lead requirements and design walkthroughs with customers
  • Analyze transcripts of user interactions and document their personas and language in order to create grammars and interaction models (e.g. intents, utterances, slots, and slot values)
  • Create bot design documents, including bot personas, example dialogs, conversation flow diagrams, error handling patterns, etc.
  • Create prototypes, wireframes, and templates that clearly convey the conversation design to customers and development teams
  • When needed, design and lead different types of testing (A/B, focus groups, usability testing, QA), synthesize results, and iterate based on results to ensure customer-centric and highly usable products
  • Implement effective, innovative, and delightful conversational experiences
  • Post implementation, analyze dialogues and user interaction with live chatbots/assistants, make recommendations for improving user experience and implement these recommendations
  • Consolidate your knowledge and experience and create/maintain a customer facing marketplace of generic Botpress virtual assistants for several verticals


  • 2+ years of relevant design experience in conversational design spaces
  • Bachelor's Degree in Human Computer Interaction, Design, Linguistics, Computer Science, Engineering, Cognitive Science, or a related field, or equivalent experience.
  • Experience creating multiple demos, prototypes and live products showcasing the capabilities of conversational design
  • Experience communicating requirements and solutions to internal and external audiences
  • Experience working directly with client stakeholders of all levels
  • Experience using Agile development practices
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • English as a first language or fully bilingual English/French

Benefits & Culture

  • You will join a team of ambitious individuals passionate about speed of execution, data-driven decisions, and, obviously, chatbots.
  • You will contribute to the growth of one of the most popular AI chatbot dev tool in the world.
  • Top-tier health benefits and access to telemedicine for you and your family.
  • Flexibility to work remotely
  • 3 weeks vacation per year + 2 weeks off for Christmas and New Year.
  • You get a laptop and top software to perform your best work.
  • Competitive compensation, because that matters as well.

About Botpress

Botpress is a VC-backed, fast-growing Canadian startup building open developer tools to understand text and automate complex conversations. We believe that the future of human-computer interactions will be in big part conversational, which will allow businesses to deliver services and software to customers with unparalleled customer experience and personalization. Botpress is the standard, reliable stack developers will use to build mind-blowing conversational applications.

Why Join Botpress

Apart from joining an awesome team of talented, fast-moving and cutting edge developers, you’ll be working with/on:
  • A popular open-source project built for developers
  • A modern stack used by hundreds of thousands of developers
  • A product used by startups, schools, nonprofits and Fortune 500 companies
  • A backend runtime built for performance and deployment simplicity
  • A frontend application that devs like just as much as VS Code
  • A machine learning pipeline that evolves every single week
  • A data-science problem that has not been solved yet
  • A cloud infrastructure that can serve billions of API calls
  • A developer community with thousands of members
  • A company crazy enough to compete directly with Google and Microsoft
  • A workplace that is distributed and remote-first
  • A group of like-minded investors and advisors that has funded, built and scaled similar companies such as Elastic, Mongo, Snyk, Influx, Algolia, Twilio and Databricks.