Posted Sep 06

Freelance Voice Design (VUI) Mentor

Remote Contract

We created CareerFoundry to help others build their careers while maintaining personal freedom and flexibility. Our 100% online, flexible, mentor/tutor driven courses are setting the standard for globally accessible technical education. Through our online programs, expert tutors and mentors bring students from complete beginners to junior designers in 6 months.

We are looking for experienced UX Designers with a passion for Voice-first design from all over the world to join our mentor pool, and help define the next generation of design talent by educating and empowering students across the globe. You will be helping students to discover everything they need to know about designing interactions between voice assistants and their users.

Your Mission:

Mentoring with CareerFoundry is more than teaching. It’s inspiring newcomers to the field to build, to problem solve, to think like a designer, and to increase their value as professionals.

Mentor role:

Students need more than help and experience to master the necessary skills, they need inspiration and motivation to keep them focused along the way. You're their point of entry into a new industry, so they’ll want to hear about the challenges you have overcome and what the role is really like on a day-to-day basis.


  • Reviewing your students’ work through the CareerFoundry platform on a regular basis with a view on how it would fit into an industry-ready portfolio.
  • Be available for 1-to-1 video calls to help prepare your students entry into their new industry.
  • Suggesting supplemental learning materials and personal insights in areas where students are struggling.
  • Teaming up with a tutor to answer more advanced queries or for a higher level of troubleshooting.
  • Responding to students within < 48 hours.

The specialization course will take 1- 2 months to complete depending on whether the student studies part/full-time. It consists of approximately 15 text-based lessons supported by images, hands-on tasks, bite-sized video tutorials, and links to additional resources or further learning.


To succeed, you must enjoy sharing your knowledge and be willing to work with students from the beginner level onwards.

Mentor role:

  • You are passionate about sharing your knowledge and experience, and supporting students on their way to becoming UX designers who specialize in Voice Recognition.
  • Several years of experience in the field of UX/UI, and a demonstrable track record showcasing your work for a variety of clients and companies.
  • A first-class portfolio with rock-solid, relevant references to back it up.
  • You need to be comfortable with the Alexa skill builder interface and have 2-3 years of experience working with voice design.
  • Previous experience in mentorship or tutoring is preferred. You must demonstrate an understanding of how to support beginners, have time and patience and a strong desire to guide people along their career path in this field.
  • Knowledge of the latest development tools and trends, a broad network of experts in the field and an in-depth understanding of industry practices.

What’s in it for you:

  • 100% Remote and flexible - work from anywhere with an internet connection, and around your schedule.
  • A freelance contract with competitive rate.
  • Shape the industry by developing the next generation of designers.
  • Resume gold – mentoring experience is highly sought after by employers.

CareerFoundry is an equal opportunity employer. It is our commitment that every qualified person will be evaluated according to skills regardless of age, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability status, or religion. We encourage in particular BiPoC, Migrants, people from under-represented communities, people who identify as queer, trans and/ or intersex, people with chronic illnesses, and people with disabilities to apply!

For inquiries please contact with us at [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you!