Posted Sep 14

Chatbot Conversation Design Intern

Remote (UK) Internship

Good With is reimagining how we educate young adults on personal finance whilst helping them access better financial services earlier; improving their credit ratings and fostering financial wellbeing through conversational AI and engaging user experiences. 

Good With is recruiting a conversation design intern who will work at the heart of a dynamic, multidisciplinary and agile team.

About the role

Working with developers, data and behavioural scientists, UX researcher, app developers,  you will support the building of personalised and predictable conversation models. You will get to:

  • Categorise intents and flows in conversations: understand current conversation flows and categorise and re-categorize intents and flows of an interaction and conversation. 
  • Understand behaviours and trends: able to understand previous user touch-points and understand the behavioural trait of each persona using data that is available through previous research and building conversation profiles.
  • Designing personalisation: create models that build on the profile from user behaviour patterns and trends, determining categories of users and how they generally behave, keeping ethics of artificial intelligence in mind and mitigating bias. 
  • Use Triggers and Cues: be able to utilise image processing systems and sentiment analysis services to improve individual engagement as needed
  • Design mockups with conversation paths with sample dialog UX: Design and create potential paths between the user and the background system to find issues early in the conversation 
  • Work with the engineering and data science teams to review mockup and designs, talk through other considerations and incorporate findings into designs. 
  • Copywriting using testing, analytics and optimization: ability to iterate on a chatbot’s existing conversation, ensuring that copywriting incorporates dialogue that is helpful, persuasive, and natural.

Most importantly, we are looking for someone who is curious about how people communicate with one another and empathetic when designing solutions to help further engagement. Someone who is willing to learn the technical limitations of services that provide speech recognition, natural language processing, and natural language understanding and create solutions that provide an alternative to these limitations.

Please don’t be put off applying because you aren’t a perfect match for our job description. If you are excited about the opportunity, think you can achieve the outcomes we are looking for, but aren’t sure if you tick every box, we’d still love to hear from you.

Key Skills

  • Experience using data annotation tools
  • Customer-obsessed with a passion for delivering best in class user experiences
  • Knowledge of conversation design principles
  • Understanding of NLP, training ML models, and payloads
  • Team player and willing to collaborate closely with a small team
  • Strong written, visual, and verbal communication skills
  • Fast learner understanding various systems and multiple industry processes
  • Working toward or have a degree in Interaction Design, User Experience research, Linguistics, HCI, Product Design, or related discipline.

Our Team

Our core team consists of our Lead Data Scientist with a doctorate in psychology and experience in financial services data. A masters graduate in neuropsychology who is supporting our self-efficacy, financial health approach, Behavioural data scientist and ML/Data engineer,  full-stack developer, senior UX strategist, UX researcher, brand designer, marketing/copywriter and CEO/product manager.  

We count on the support of Innovate UK, Oxford Innovation and Creative Destruction Lab at Oxford University, as well as the SETsquared Accelerator, and support from our advisors; Cambridge & Turing Institute/FinHealthTech Neuroscientist, Paypal/Venmo & Robinhood Brand executive, cxpartners’ CEO with deep ux experience in financial services, fintech & insurtech, and domain expert in the credit scoring and financial services industry (Experian, Ikano).

Please note: A requisite of our funding is that you have the right to live & work in the UK.

This is a remote and flexible working role. 

If you’re looking to learn, grow and develop your career whilst making a positive impact in society, where your contribution really gets recognised, this is an excellent opportunity for you.

Good With