Posted Mar 08

Senior Conversational Designer

Philadelphia, PA Contract

Job Description:

  • Senior Conversational Designer 

Job Summary:
  • The UX service design team at client seeks an experienced conversational designer with strong user experience design abilities to create designs for agent helpdesk, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), chat and SMS experiences.
  • The ideal candidate is proficient working collaboratively with a team but also has the ability to create conversational user flows independently.
  • This designer will work closely with the service design, agent back-office, conversation design and IVR teams to craft intuitive, functional journeys through client voice-driven interactions and services.
  • Candidate might call yourself a content designer, product strategist, copywriter, UX writer, product designer or something else.
  • Titles aside, candidate is a problem-solver and systems-thinker driven by how language and communication shapes the way client interact with systems, people, and services.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Oversee conversational design decisions across multiple workstreams spanning all channels that the service and conversational design organizations touch.
  • Mentor and guide colleagues in the research, design and development of best-in-class conversational services and experiences.
  • Work with the UX team and key company stakeholders to build out conversation design as a chapter in client growing design organization.
In this role, candidate will:
  • Start from discovery and collaborate with researchers in the unearthing of new opportunities for service enhancements.
  • Craft elegant, intuitive, and consistent customer conversation journeys.
  • Continually evolve and optimize new service and product journeys.
  • Actively participate in and help to build out design team rituals.
  • Promote a culture of giving and receiving constructive feedback.
  • Be a key partner in the ongoing growth of service, conversation, and experience design at a Fortune 500 energy company.

About candidate:
  • Candidate has experience working within an experience design, conversation and/or a service design team.
  • Candidate is experienced in writing for conversational interfaces such as IVR, 1 and 2-way SMS, chatbot or virtual assistants.
  • Candidate is passionate about crafting effective customer conversations and shaping the direction of client user experience by giving content a voice in the design process.
  • Candidate is an excellent communicator in your writing, speaking and conversation facilitation.
  • Candidate effectively explain and advocate for your design decisions to your design colleagues, product partners and stakeholders at all levels.
  • Candidate is a skilled problem solver and can get up to speed quickly on new and changing problem spaces.
  • Candidate brings a “Yes, and…” attitude and seek to build up your colleagues and support the expansion of your own ideas as much as the ideas of others.
  • Candidate is confident in yourself and in your ways of working and can manage when to work on your own and when to bring in the collaborative support of the team to best suit your and your colleagues' needs.
  • Candidate values and appreciate diversity and inclusion and look for ways to incorporate these values in our work, processes, and interactions.

Basic Qualifications:
  • Experience creating user flows, conversational design scripts and other various tools to communicate conversational design decisions.
  • Demonstrated experience working with and managing relationships with a range of stakeholders.
  • Ability to coherently articulate abstract concepts through words or other artifacts.
  • Basic project management skills are a must.
  • Bonus if candidate is experienced in defining processes and/or working within forming or newly formed teams and are adaptable to evolving roles and requirements.
  • Candidates must work core EST hours. Manager has strong preference to candidates located in EST time zone and within a reasonable commute to Philadelphia, PA.
  • Portfolio links or links to relevant work must be included on resume for consideration.

About Client:
  • Client is a 100+ year old energy company in phase 3 of a tiered digital transformation.
  • Client is user-centric, customer-driven, and employee-focused.
  • Client strives to build seamless experiences for our millions of customers and thousands of employees across our 3 operating states.
  • For the past few years, client has worked on transforming client design organization to develop effective ways to work from a human-centered perspective.
  • Client team of strategists, designers and researchers is now looking at service design to be a driving force behind the next phase of our evolution.  
  • Client values safety, trust, and work-life balance.
  • Client fails fast and believe that getting it wrong is often the first step towards getting it right.
  • Client is looking for a like-minded individual to help us continue to develop our internal, 20+ person design team.

Pay Range: $60 - $65

The specific compensation for this position will be determined by a number of factors, including the scope, complexity and location of the role as well as the cost of labor in the market; the skills, education, training, credentials and experience of the candidate; and other conditions of employment. Our full-time consultants have access to benefits including medical, dental, vision as well as 401K contributions.

Compensation: 120000

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