Posted Sep 13

Conversational Designer

Remote Full time

Job description: 

  • Understand the needs of the counselling and referral departments
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design, and launch new Chatbots.
  • Design effective, meaningful, and delightful conversational experiences using user-centric design methodologies
  • Engage with clients to understand their business goals, customer personas, and resolution paths
  • Analyse customer journeys and develop flows optimised for the messaging interface
  • Work directly with developers, integrators, architects and QA to build and iterate on the user journeys
  • Create conversational design documents, including bot personas, example dialogs, conversation flow diagrams, error handling patterns
  • Create demos and mock-ups, wireframes, and templates that clearly convey the conversation design to both external and internal teams
  • Analyse customer needs and design, document, test, and develop software as required to satisfy the functional and non-requirements.
  • Write effective and natural dialogues
  • Develop system flow diagrams to automate a business function and identify impacted systems; metrics to depict the cost benefit analysis of the solutions developed.
  • Integrate various back-end services and databases.
  • When needed, design and lead different types of testing (A/B testing, focus groups, usability testing, QA), synthesise results and iterate based on results to ensure customer-centric and highly usable products
  • Analyse the user experience with live and upcoming virtual assistants to make recommendations for improving user experience
  • Maintain proper documentation of all the software changes.
  • Adhere to the technical requirements that are provided for the project

The Conversation Designers will work online from any location but should be in constant communication with all the WFD team. The work schedule will be defined according to the candidate's availability and WFD needs.

Minimum Qualifications:
Prior experience in building chatbot and automations systems
  • Excellent problem solving and analytical skills.
  • Strong multitasking and organisation skills.
  • High threshold for working in a fast-paced environment.
  • Keep up to date with the changing practices of web technology and software.
  • Mobile and chat messaging apps – Familiar with different platforms to integrate chatbots. 
  • Working independently (within broad guidelines) to design architectural solutions to deliver business requirements
  • Experience partnering with other designers, product managers, and engineers
  • Experience balancing user needs and technical requirements
  • Experience creating multiple demos or prototypes showcasing the bleeding edge capabilities of conversational design
  • Experience communicating technical requirements and solutions to internal and external audiences
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills

Desirable Qualifications:

  • Chatbot development frameworks and Cloud Platform 
  • Technologies – a deep understanding of how AI, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing works.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Statistics, Technical Science.
  • Experience designing for Assistant, AI, machine learning, or AR/VR productsPrior experience in web programming or relevant fields.
  • Knowledge of Freshworks or similar CRM platforms
  • Good knowledge of web application development, Search Engine Optimisation, network diagnostics, and analytics tools.
  • Knowledge of another spoken language
  • Previous experience working with telemedicine and/or reproductive health platform
  • Experience in cyber security threats
Contract Type: Project-based

To apply, send your CV and cover letter to [email protected]

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